About Us

Traditional Chinese medicine is not only a medical art but also the essence of the Chinese nation’s 5,000-year heritage of national learning. I remember as a child, I was very fond of Chinese medicine, often attracted by his knowledge of the unity of heaven and man, the five elements of yin and yang, acupuncture and cupping, and so on.

Long immersed in the ancient books of Chinese medicine, as if across the river of time, to five thousand years ago, to see the Shennong taste a hundred herbs, but also to see the Yellow Emperor to the world to elaborate on the basic theories of Chinese medicine, such as yin and Yang five elements.

The children of China are all over the continent, and there are more than thousands of people who love Chinese culture, and many of them are convinced by the profoundness and longevity of Chinese medicine.

I believe there are many friends who are very interested in Chinese medicine and apply for Chinese medicine schools directly after the college entrance examination. However, there may be many friends who did not attend a TCM school for various reasons and seem to have drifted away from TCM ever since, unable to find a place to learn about TCM.

In fact, in today’s extremely developed Internet, a lot of knowledge is available to us online. This website shares knowledge for all those who like traditional Chinese medicine. Whether you have studied Chinese medicine or not, here you can always swing in the knowledge of Chinese medicine and replenish your knowledge of Chinese medicine anytime and anywhere.