Antifetal Medicine

Pinyin Name: ān Tāi Yào

Alias: Boneset, Scarecrow.

Medicinal material base source: It is the whole grass of Sessile induction grass of the edelweiss family.

Latin plant animal mineral name: Biophytum sessile (Buch. Ham.) K. Kunth

Harvesting and storage: collected in summer and autumn, dried in the sun.

Antifetal Medicine

Original form: small perennial evergreen herb, up to 12 cm high. stem cylindrical, brown, brownish-yellow puberulent. Leaves are evenly pinnate, greenish-yellow, clustered at the top of the stem, when touched, petiole and leaflets droop closed like mimosa, leaflets opposite, oblong, skewed, 0.5-lcm long, 0.3-0.8cm wide, apex convex, base truncate, pinnate veins clearly elevated on the back of the leaf, entire. The hourly stalk is extremely short, the involucral stalk is sparsely hairy, with a longitudinal groove on the upper surface. Umbels clustered at the tips, pedicels 2.5-5.5 cm long, covered with yellow hairs, flowers small, yellow, fruits are long ellipsoidal capsules. The flowers are small, yellow, and the fruit is a long oval capsule.

Habitat distribution: Born in sparse forests and thickets at 1200-1600m above sea level.

Resource Distribution: In Yunnan.

Taste: Astringent; warm; slightly toxic.

Induction: Spleen; kidney meridian.

Functions: Warming the spleen and tranquilizing the fetus; benefiting the qi and raising it. Mainly used for fetal restlessness; spleen enlargement; internal bleeding; prolapse; uterine prolapse.

Usage and dosage.
For internal use: decoction, 2-3 g. For external use: appropriate amount, decoction for washing.

Note: Avoid acid and cold.

Excerpt: Chinese Materia Medica

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