Can acupuncture be cosmetic

Acupuncture beauty is a beauty method commonly used by modern women, it is both healthy and safe, popular among female friends, can promote microcirculation, improve cell metabolism, promote the discharge of metabolic waste, and regulate endocrine, can acupuncture beauty?

Can acupuncture beauty

Acupuncture beauty is a technique to stimulate certain acupuncture points with needles, using the techniques of welcome, follow, supplement and diarrhea to stimulate the meridian qi, so that the body’s metabolism flourishes and the blood circulation of the face are accelerated, thus achieving the purpose of beauty. In ancient times, there are more records about the use of acupuncture to treat facial disorders such as acne, moles, etc., but fewer records of the direct use of acupuncture for beauty. However, in recent years, with the improvement of people’s living standards, the demand for health care has increased, and some doctors have begun to dig from classical medical texts and in clinical practice to find some needling beauty method so that this ancient technology regains its luster. Acupuncture beauty and acupuncture treatment of disease are slightly different because the beauty of the application of acupuncture focus on improving the metabolic capacity of the muscle, dredging the meridians, regulating the internal organs of qi and blood, nourishing the face; and acupuncture treatment is focused on correcting the muscle yin and yang, qi and blood bias, that is, beauty is intended to nourish, regulate, treatment is to seek to remove the evil and cure the disease, therefore, there are differences in the selection of acupuncture points.

What are the benefits of acupuncture for a beauty treatment

Acupuncture to remove wrinkles

There are two types of wrinkles: real and pseudo. The concept of so-called pseudo-wrinkles is a pre-stage of real wrinkles. If you don’t pay attention to improving the pseudo-wrinkles, they will quickly progress to real wrinkles. The small wrinkles caused by the decrease of skin moisture and the temporary wrinkles caused by the decrease of subcutaneous fat are pseudo-wrinkles. This leads to the degeneration and atrophy of the elastic fibers in the face, and then the real wrinkles appear. Acupuncture points stimulate skin function activation. It increases and maintains skin moisture and fat. Its physical mechanism is the introduction of weak electrical currents into the subcutaneous area of the wrinkles, causing tissue swelling and fibrosis, eliminating wrinkles.

Acupuncture for face slimming

There are many types of facial muscles, and each muscle is pulled in different ways. If you can know the way each muscle is pulled separately, you can make the facial weight loss twice as effective. Acupuncture pulses applied by professional aestheticians for facial contouring can not only promote blood circulation in the face, but effectively remove aging skin cells, supply and maintain the nutrients needed for new cells, and restore the natural luster and softness of the skin. Moreover, it can stimulate the movement of 44 muscles in the deeper layers of the skin, and achieve the elimination of toxins from the body to restore the normal metabolic function of the skin that tends to age. It effectively solves skin problems such as acne pigmentation and dark circles under the eyes, restoring the skin to its original health. Acupuncture beauty is one of the main means of beauty for the red face, acupuncture can make the head blood vessels dilate, facilitate blood circulation, eliminate wrinkles, make facial sebum secretion coordinated, and sebum softer, and moist. Theoretically, acupuncture has a two-way regulation effect on the muscle. There is a degree to everything, and this degree, in the philosophical sense. Biology and medicine attach great importance to this balance – if it is exceeded, it is called hyperfunction; if it is not, it is called hyperfunction, both of which can cause endocrine disorders and lead to skin lesions. Acupuncture can excite and inhibit the muscles at the right time, to promote excessive inhibition and hyperactivity to balance.

Acupuncture to remove bags under the eyes

Under-eye bags, i.e. the ligaments around the orbits are relaxed and the fatty tissue expands under the skin. A diseased protrusion is formed, often with water trapped. Clinically, we divide into two types of eye bags: congenital and acquired (acquired). Congenital is genetic, while acquired as a result of long-term adverse stimulation of the eyelid skin, such as improper massage, tearing, and long eyeliner, which eventually leads to laxity and atrophy of the eyelid skin. Acupuncture points such as the sun, fish waste, and ayurvedic points are connected to the power supply, and the electric current causes the eyelid muscles to contract and beat significantly, accelerating local fat decomposition and tightening the lax eyelids.

Acupuncture for weight loss

The acupuncture method focuses on slowly regulating the endocrine system of the human body through long-term stimulation of acupuncture points so that various imbalances in the body of the obese can be slowly eliminated and the normal physiological functions of the body can be restored. Obese patients can generally be divided into two categories, simple obesity, and secondary obesity. Before acupuncture, the cause of obesity should be identified and treated accordingly, so that the condition can be controlled and then acupuncture therapy can be implemented. The effect of acupuncture on secondary obesity is generally not as good as on simple obesity.

People who want to use acupuncture for weight loss must go to a regular hospital or institution. Before using acupuncture therapy, you should consult your physique whether it is suitable for acupuncture therapy. Tend to balance.

Precautions for acupuncture

1. too tired, highly nervous, hungry people should not be acupuncture; old and frail people acupuncture should try to take a lying position, take the appropriate points less, and the hand should be a light method.

2. Pregnant women should not be too violent acupuncture, abdominal, lumbosacral and can cause uterine contraction points such as hegu, Sanyinjiao, Kunlun, to Yin, etc. prohibited acupuncture.

3. Infants and children are prohibited from acupuncture in the fontanelle area and the Fengfu and Moot points.

4. Patients with bleeding disorders, or those who often have spontaneous bleeding and cannot easily stop bleeding after injury, should not be acupunctured.

5. Skin infections, ulcers, scarring, and tumor sites are not acupuncture.

6. The eye area, chest, back, kidney area, neck, and abdomen of patients with gastric ulcer, intestinal adhesions, intestinal obstruction, and the pubic symphysis of patients with urinary retention should be controlled in terms of depth and angle when needling.

7. Acupuncture does have an excellent curative effect on certain diseases, but it is not a panacea, especially for the treatment of some acute diseases, should be used according to the situation promptly, to be more beneficial to patients, but also to give full play to the role of acupuncture.

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