Dwarf ground tea

This product is the whole plant of Ardisia japonica (Hornst.) B1. of Zingiberaceae family.

Alias: Ping Di Mu, lao wu da, bu chu lin, leaf bottom pearl.

Dwarf ground tea

Taste and Attribution: Bitter, flat. It belongs to the lung and liver meridians.


1, expectorant and cough: used to treat cough and asthma phlegm, regardless of lung cold, lung heat can be. It can be used alone or in combination with other drugs for decoction, or as a tablet.

2, invigorate blood circulation and dispel blood stasis: used for blood stagnation, abdominal pain, rheumatism and paralysis, bruises and injuries, blood stasis and swelling pain.

3, Inducing diuresis: for treating dampness and heat jaundice, oedema, and inconvenient urination.

Usage and dosage: 10-30g.

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