Four kinds of food that traditional Chinese medicine believes should be eaten in summer

Four medicinal meals for summer refreshment

With the passing of spring dryness and the rise of summer heat, some people will have sores on their mouths and tongues, red eyes, sore throats and bitter mouths, swollen gums and other uncomfortable symptoms. Therefore, many people think that dietary therapy is only suitable in winter, and that summer should be the main focus of fire removal. I do not know, in fact, summer can also be tonic, and should not eat too much bitter food to clear the fire. The following is an introduction to the considerations of summer tonic and recommend four suitable medicinal meals.

medicinal meals
medicinal meals

Summer should be clear tonic

According to Chinese medicine, there is fire in the human body itself, which can be called physiological fire. This physiological fire refers to Yang Qi, which the human body relies on to maintain normal life activities, warm the body, ripen water and grain, produce essence, and nourish the organs and limbs. The corresponding pathological fire is what the people usually call “fire”. If the fire in nature is not regulated, it will spread to become a disaster, and if the fire in human body is not regulated, it will also damage the organism. Dietary disorders, fatigue and internal injuries can lead to fire, and the external six perversions over time can also be depressed and turn into fire.

The pathological fire is divided into deficiency fire and real fire, fire should also be dispelled symptomatically. The normal human body is a balance of yin and yang, but if the yang is relatively too high, it is a real fire, while the yin is relatively insufficient, it can appear deficiency fire. If the symptoms are serious and aggressive, it is a real fire; if the symptoms of fire are light and long, and accompanied by symptoms such as fever in the hands and feet, hot flashes and night sweats, it is a deficiency fire.

Qing tonic is one of the tonic methods, which refers to the treatment of Yin deficiency and Qi weakness with sweet, moist and beneficial medicine. The principle of using medicine is to be clear but not cold, so as not to hurt both yin and yang; and to be nourishing but not greasy, so as not to hinder the digestion and absorption of spleen and stomach. In the hot summer, the human skin couples are loose and easy to sweat, so the method of clear tonic can nourish yin and generate fluid, clear the heart and prevent summer heat.

In addition, most people in summer will lose appetite, spleen and stomach function is more sluggish, at this time to eat light tonic health dishes, but also help to appetite to increase food, spleen to help transport, if too much to eat fat, sweet and greasy products, easy to cause injury to the spleen and stomach, affecting the digestion and absorption of nutrients, which is harmful to health.

The Ming Dynasty “Compendium of Materia Medica” cloud: “Simiao said: spring should save acid to increase the sweet to nourish the spleen, summer should save bitter to increase the pungency to nourish the lungs.” In the health song of Sun Zhen Zhen, which was recorded in the Qing Dynasty’s Shou Shi Qing Qing Compilation, there is also the phrase “increase pungency and decrease bitterness in summer”. In summer, the heart fire is in order, and bitterness enters the heart. If you eat more bitterness, although it can clear the heart fire, but it will also cut down the lung gold. In order to prevent the lung qi from being injured, we should avoid over-eating bitter and cold dishes, and eat more pungent foods to clear summer dampness and replenish lung qi.

Recommended Medicinal Meals

Here are four dishes that are suitable for summer to clear the fire.

Stir-fried beef tenderloin with mushrooms

Ingredients: 100g of mushrooms such as tea tree mushroom, portobello mushroom and enoki mushroom, 250g of beef tenderloin, 20g of green pepper and red pepper, 20g of green onion, ginger, salt, sugar and vegetable oil.

Method: Cut green pepper and red pepper into slices. Wash the mushrooms, add salt and cook in boiling water, pour out the water and set aside. Put the beef tenderloin in the frying pan, pour out and drain the oil and set aside. Add ginger, green onion, sliced green pepper, red pepper, mushroom, beef tenderloin, salt, sugar and stir-fry for 1 minute.

Efficacy: strengthen the spleen, strengthen the muscles and bones, lower blood fat, enhance immunity.

Applicable people: Suitable for healthy and sub-healthy people, for deficiency and emaciation, thirst, spleen deficiency and loose stools, swelling of limbs, mental fatigue, weakness of limbs, shortness of breath and lazy speech, waist and leg pain, also suitable for chronic fatigue syndrome, anemia, post-illness and post-operative weakness, fatty liver, dyslipidemia patients. It is not suitable for people with sores, eczema and pruritus.

Crystal green fish ball

Ingredients: 250g of spinach, 500g of net green fish meat, 30g of black sesame powder, salt, oil, wet starch and stock.

Directions: Wash spinach, blanch it in a pot of boiling water for 10 seconds, then put it into a blender and puree it. Use a grinder to puree the fish meat, add black sesame powder, salt and a little oil, beat in one direction until strong, put the black sesame fish balls into a pot of cold water, cook over medium-low heat and set aside. Boil soup, add salt and spinach puree, thicken, fish ball is ready.

Efficacy: blood and eyes, kidneys and calcium, spleen and water, anti-fatigue. Spinach is rich in iron and has a high vitamin C content, which can promote the absorption of iron, so it is beneficial for anemia and various bleeding. Spinach is also rich in dietary fiber, which is beneficial to patients with constipation. In recent years, it has also been found that spinach contains coenzyme Q10 and rich vitamin E, which has anti-aging effects. In addition, spinach also contains substances that promote the secretion function of the pancreas, which is beneficial to diabetic patients.

Suitable for people: It is suitable for those who have symptoms such as yellow face, memory loss, blurred vision, weak feet, etc. It is also suitable for patients with iron deficiency anemia, osteoporosis, swelling, chronic fatigue syndrome, etc. Stone patients should not eat, the spleen and stomach cold people should not eat more.

Maitake shrimp

Ingredients: maitake 30g, shrimp 500g, salt, star anise, pepper, sliced ginger, onion, sesame oil each appropriate amount.

Practice: boiling water pot with refined salt, star anise, peppercorns, ginger, green onions, ginger slices, put the ki wei shrimp scalded 20 seconds, fish out and set aside. In a clean pot with water boiling, put the soaked maitake, boil 30 minutes, put the shrimp soaked in kiwai, wait for the water to cool, add plastic wrap, put in the refrigerator for 2 hours, take out the plate, drizzle with sesame oil is ready.

Effect: Nourish Yin and fluid, moisten the lungs and clear the heart, strengthen the kidneys, calcium and bone. The shrimp is long in nourishing the kidneys and strengthening the yang, anti-aging, calcium deficiency has a positive effect, for warm food. It is paired with the cool maitake, which is mutually supportive and complementary.

Applicable people: Suitable for patients with dryness caused by lung and stomach yin deficiency, insomnia caused by heart yin deficiency, etc. It can prevent dry mouth and tongue, dry nose and throat, and insomnia caused by heart trouble in summer. It is not suitable for people with cold and wind.

Lotus fragrance razor clams

Ingredients: 400g of razor clams, half of lotus leaf, 30g of onion, green onion, balsamic vinegar, refined salt, oyster sauce, soy sauce and soy sauce.

Method: Wash the lotus leaf, chop it, boil it in a pot for 30 minutes, and get 50ml of concentrated juice. add water to a pot and boil it, then add the right amount of balsamic vinegar, pour in the razor clams, boil them until they open their mouths and take them out. Cut onion into shred. Mix the lotus leaf juice concentrate with balsamic vinegar, salt, oyster sauce, soy sauce and soy sauce in a bowl to make the sauce. Heat a pot over low heat, put the onion on the bottom, put the razor clams, pour the sauce over them and sprinkle the chopped green onion on top.

Effect: Clear the summer heat and appetite, nourish the Yin and brighten the eyes. The razor clam is a high protein, low fat, low cholesterol, contains a variety of vitamins nutritional health products. The razor clams and the medicinal food of lotus leaves to make a medicinal meal, more suitable for summer consumption, with the hot onion, can restrain the cold nature of the razor clams.

Suitable for people: suitable for patients with diabetes, edema, bronchitis, post-operative sweating, low fever, prevention and treatment of thyroid adenoma, swollen lymph nodes, hemorrhoids, hypochondrium, summer resistance (i.e. summer heat depletes the vital energy and causes tiredness, weakness, sleepiness, poor appetite and other discomforts), summer fever, etc. It is not suitable for those with weak spleen and stomach, diarrhea and abdominal pain, and unformed stools.

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