Chinese ancestors passed down the “hand clapping exercise”, tap a few minutes a day, to avoid arthritis

The hand is our most intimate organ, eating, writing, dressing are inseparable from it. In the eyes of Chinese medicine, the hands are our “health instrument”, the human body includes twelve meridians, connecting our internal organs, the cause of illness is the meridian blockage, and the hands are in charge of the six meridians, often patting the corresponding points, can play a meridian, the benefits of disease prevention.

tap a few minutes a day to avoid arthritis
tap a few minutes a day to avoid arthritis

Chinese medicine believes that: the hands are the main camp of Yang, while the feet are the main camp of Yin. Every time we clap our hands, we can stimulate the acupuncture points on the hands and promote blood circulation. The human hand includes 78 reflex zones, such as heart, liver, spleen, stomach, kidney, large intestine and small intestine, and by sending a large stimulation, the immunity of these organs can be improved, and the hidden cold and dirty gas on the body can be drained from the fingertips.

Adhere to the hand clapping every day, not only can prevent dredging meridians, to prevent disease, but also to maintain health. There are 5 common hand clapping actions.

  1. clap the heart of the hand

Action essentials: ten fingers outstretched, palms relative, patting each other’s palms 99 times, until slightly red and hot shall prevail.

After completing this action, rub the heart of the hand, can accelerate local blood circulation, the heart of the acupuncture points corresponding to the digestive system, there is a distended abdomen, diarrhea, abdominal pain, burping and acid reflux and other spleen and stomach problems, adhere to the pat effect is obvious.

  1. pat the back of the hands

Action essentials: hands straight and open, hands opposite, hands patting the back of the hands, or the palm of one hand patting the back of the other hand, patting 99 times, to the back of the hands slightly red and hot shall prevail.

The points on the back of the hands correspond to the entire spine, including the neck, chest, waist, etc., often sitting in the office, open rental people can pat this point.

  1. pat the root of the palm

Action essentials: hands up, palms relative to each other, revealing the palm root, or hands interlocking fingers, palm root relative to each other, the two hands palm root beat each other 99 times, to palm root feel slight pain, can bear shall prevail.

The palm root corresponds to the genitourinary system, including the kidneys, ureter, uterus, prostate, etc., often pat the palm root, healthy people can also achieve the role of prevention.

  1. ten fingers tapping

The main points of the action: the two hands of the ten fingers opposite, one hand of the five fingers and the other hand of the substance tapping 99 times, to the fingertips slightly painful swelling prevail.

From the root to the fingertips correspond to the shoulder, elbow, wrist, hip, knee, ankle, insist on tapping ten fingers fingertips, can effectively relieve arthritis, pain in the joints.

  1. pat the tiger’s mouth

The main points of the action: the two thumbs, index fingers open, tiger mouth crossed gently tapping, 99 times in a row.

The left hand tiger mouth corresponds to the spleen, the right hand tiger mouth corresponds to the liver, the two hands tiger mouth, the two organs involved, persist, for liver depression and spleen deficiency, liver and spleen incompatible people have obvious results.

For some patients who suffer from arthritis all year round, now start practicing hand clapping exercises, the effect may not be very obvious, to assist with more exercise, exercise in a variety of ways, the main thing is to stimulate the joints, many people spend a lot of money the effect is not ideal, mainly because they did not choose a good tool to take advantage of, here to have arthritis friends to share a good effect of clapping board.

The precautions and taboos of tapping massage
The precautions and taboos of tapping massage

It is made of silicone, which is soft and hard, and can replace the hand to pat the joint points. When patting at home, drink a cup of hot water before and after, which can properly replenish the consumed water and prevent fatigue, and also promote metabolism and speed up the discharge of metabolites.

Arthritis is a chronic disease, their usual more attention to minimize the pain, usually pay more attention to joint warmth, more contact pat exercises.

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