Heart attack, gallbladder attack, chronic pharyngitis, what did she do?

I’m in charge of my health!

I was a weak and sickly person growing up, and injections and medication were the norms for me. Growing up, my heart was always bad, I was always short of breath and weak, and when I was sick, I was weak and couldn’t move, but I went to Peking Union Medical College Hospital and no disease was found. I also have cholecystitis, fatty liver, gastritis, pharyngitis, cervical spondylosis, mild depression, menstrual stomach pains, and a completely sub-healthy state.

I am not yet 40 years old, how can I be like this? But God was very kind to me and let me come across this amazing tapping and stretching, and today I will write about this amazing experience.

Five years ago, a good friend printed a disc on the Internet and gave it to me, and when I got it home, my family gathered around to see how to tap it. Then the whole family patted the elbow together, and after more than 10 minutes, I saw that my elbow was full of black bags, which made me feel amazing, how could the bags on my elbow get up?

With some doubts, I patted intermittently. But it’s not just a matter of patting. In the process, various reactions occur, and I’ll share 3 of these amazing reactions with you.

I remember that after more than a year of tapping, there was a time when my heart suddenly got stuffy at night, my mind was almost not clear, and my heart was in trouble. At that time I did not panic, remembered this beat, and beat desperately, I do not know where the strength, beat the elbow for more than 10 minutes, the chest is not so stuffy; beat for more than 20 minutes, and the head is also better; beat 30 minutes, the body rolls hot. Seeing that my elbow had come out of the black bag, I continued to shoot for nearly an hour.

Head clear, the symptoms of chest tightness disappeared, sweating all over the body, see the inside of the elbow has become a large black bag, the arm is all red. Mr. at this point let me go to the hospital, check if the ECG is fine, measure blood pressure, high pressure 140, and prescribed antihypertensive drugs, but I do not have high blood pressure disease ah? Then we went home.

By this time it was already midnight, closenoonlock, according to the current medical terminology, my case is called “heart attack”, but I saved myself with this miraculous beat. In fact, it takes time for cardiac emergencies, and after that time, the disease will not be detected at all.

Since then, my heart has never been that sick again. Usually, I pat my elbow when I get hard. This is my first great qi rush to the foci of the disease, and the patting tuned out the old disease, otherwise, my pericardial meridian would have been in a state of blockage.

Since then, I bought a stretching bench and a stretching board. The first time I stretched in the prone position, my hands and feet were cold and dizzy. After 10 minutes of stretching, I couldn’t take it anymore, so I watched a DVD.

There is also a Y stretching method, I stretch at least 15 minutes a day. This stretching method also has a qi rushing foci: the wind from the heart of the feet and very cold, sometimes tingling, sometimes also nausea and weakness, sleepy …… I put down my legs to rest, and after three or four months of pulling, my body is not afraid of cold.

When pulling, which hurts I will shoot which. There was also a time when I smelled an antibiotic smell coming out of my own body for about two or three days, and sweating is particularly smelly, which is the body of years of toxins out.


One time when I was high on melon, I suddenly had gallbladder pain, already sweating, I was not afraid, so I started to take my rhubarb racket to pat the outside of the leg hard. The actual fact is that you can find a lot of people who have been in the marketplace for a long time, and they’ve been in the market a long time. I was out of energy, but my gallbladder didn’t hurt anymore.


This is how my gallbladder infection was cured by this miraculous patting. I’ll be fine from now on eating melons again. I had been examined in the hospital before, but the film was thrown away. I also took pictures at that time, but now the phone is broken and the pictures are gone.

Chronic pharyngitis is also a disease that has plagued me for many years. Once I couldn’t speak in my throat, so I added a tapping teacher for advice. He told me to tap on Sanyinjiao, and after I tapped for about an hour, all of Sanyinjiao swelled up and a large area of purplish-red gua came out. Then I patted the whole front chest again, coughing while doing so, and my body was still rolling.


The next day, words could come out. Occasionally it got hard, and I patted it. My teacher told me that the upper sickness also works. I used to have injections all the time, and my throat was very red inside. Since then, I have never had any injections, and my throat is not red now, and this miraculous patting has cured another one of my illnesses.


Over the years, I have been patting and doing Y pulling, my mood is much better, and my cervical spine is much better, but people are inert, and when they get better, they stop patting.

My stomach, eating something is bloated, when a friend doing health products, said eating this can cure all kinds of diseases, I believed him. As a result, the weaker I was, the more I ate, the more deficient I became, and the bags under my eyes also came out, which reminded me of this magical pat.


[Case Interpretation]


This report reveals a commonly accepted phenomenon in society: knowing that there is a disease, but as long as there is no attack, it is as if it is not a disease. The doctor and the patient are then playing a dangerous game: waiting for the disease to intensify until it breaks out, and then reaching a consensus upon examination (if you are not dead yet): you have XX disease.

For example, the author says, “I’ve always had a bad heart, I’ve always had chest tightness, shortness of breath, weakness, and I can’t move when I’m sick, but I went to Peking Union Medical College Hospital and no disease was found.” This is the reason why many people think they don’t have heart disease, as evidenced by medical tests, not your own feelings.

But what puzzles me is that the authors call it a “subhealth state” when it is obvious that gallbladder disease, fatty liver, pharyngitis, cervical spondylosis, depression, and menstrual pain are diseases that have been diagnosed in hospitals and are consistent with how you feel. Are these diseases not diseases?

I have repeatedly emphasized that subhealth means unhealthy, which means sick, and first of all, heart disease. It is more dangerous to feel sick and not find out about the disease.

This is how the dangerous game is played between the doctor and the patient: waiting for the disease to intensify and break out so that the diagnosis can be confirmed. From the names of the diseases she listed, it is clear that the gallbladder, liver, stomach, lungs, heart, and gynecology have all been sick, i.e. all twelve meridians are blocked, depending on which one is blocked to the point of a serious outbreak.

The three sudden outbreaks she listed, i.e. heart attack, cholecystitis, and pharyngitis are actually acute attacks of chronic diseases. One can imagine what happens when these illnesses flare up without patting and pulling before.

When she heart attack hair role patting self-help to get out of danger, “the inner elbow has turned into a large black bag”. In fact, here out of the Gua Sha not only pericardial meridian, heart meridian, but also lung meridian. It can be seen that the heart attack is, strictly speaking, not only the heart function, but also the lung function is also dysfunctional at the same time, otherwise, how can it be in addition to pain, and stuffy, breathing difficulty symptoms?

Let’s not forget that she already knew that she also had pharyngitis, which is a disease of the lungs and respiratory system, while heart disease is instead an undiagnosed disease. In short, as long as she tapped her elbow socket, she must have been beating both heart and lung meridians with pain and self-healing.

Besides, she mentioned the qi rushing lesions: cold wind in the heart of the feet, nausea, weakness, and sleepiness when Y stretches. This not only unblocked the liver, spleen, and kidney meridians on the legs and feet but also tuned out the heart and lung foci. This reaction is very similar to the qi flush of the previous emphysema patient’s stretching because they are both heart and lung diseases, but reflected in the unblocking of the liver, spleen, kidney, and bladder meridians on the feet, so the qi flush foci are also called tuning injuries, manifesting the inner injuries.

Another of her foci of qi rushing is “she smells like antibiotics coming out of her body for about two or three days, and her sweat is particularly smelly, which is the discharge of toxins from her body for many years.” Where did the toxins come from? This coincides with what she said at the beginning: “I am a person who grew up weak and sickly, and injections and medication are my norms.” If you don’t paida, not only will you not experience detoxification, but you will take more medication.

This once again validates a clinical fact: Patla not only has to heal itself from illness, but it also takes considerable effort to detoxify the toxins that have accumulated in the body from taking medication.

Please note: this detoxification is not simply a matter of excreting one thing from one place to another, but must first produce the correct biochemical reaction in the body after tapping and pulling, breaking down the poison from the blood, body fluids and organs, and then excreting it through various channels such as sweat glands and urine and stool. This is the beauty of self-healing.

How much medicine did she take before? Only she knows. The qi flush reaction of draining cold and medicine poison gives a greater insight: it not only lets one know what poisons are in the body but also forces one to think about where the cold and poisons come from. Secondly, this is one of the causes of those diseases she listed. Each drip is both an input of cold and poison.

It is further inferred that people’s way of life and treatment is determined by their minds, which originate from the heart, and the words “think” and “think” have “heart” under them. Biliary disease, liver disease, pharyngitis, etc. are largely the result of long-term use of drugs. In Western medical jargon, that is, the use of drugs, especially too many antibiotics, results in a low immune system. The effectiveness of Patra Self-Healing is also due to the fact that it opens up the meridians and boosts the immune system.

Why did her gallbladder infection and pharyngitis attacks heal with a single pat? Why did her gallbladder disease resolve so well when she patted the gallbladder meridian, and why did pharyngitis resolve its symptoms so quickly when she patted the Sanyinjiao and the front chest? This is directly related to the fact that she usually patted the general area, especially the heart and lung meridians when she had a heart attack, which she did many times.

When she patted the entire front chest, she also patted the heart meridian, lung meridian, and both organs of the heart and lungs, in short, all of them at the same time. Although Sanyinjiao is a point of the spleen meridian, its location above the inner ankle of the foot, patting can not only shoot a meridian but will be liver, spleen, kidney three meridians are shot, say Sanyinjiao this point itself is also the point of intersection of liver, spleen, kidney three meridians, are closely related to the lung meridian.

The relationship between its raw and grams is as follows: the heart is fire, the lung is gold, the kidney is water, the spleen is earth, the liver is wood, wood gives birth to fire, fire gives birth to earth, the earth gives birth to gold, gold gives birth to water, water gives birth to wood.

We have mentioned several times the relationship between lung gold and kidney water. This time, from a more comprehensive perspective, the lung meridian is also inseparable from spleen earth, heart fire, and liver wood, because fire grinds gold, and gold grinds wood. The author’s heart, spleen, stomach, liver, and gallbladder are all diseased, so how can the lungs be alone in this? Besides, she also has dysmenorrhea, that is, the liver, kidney, and spleen are not working.

She said that after she spoke out with a good shot of her throat, “I never had another shot, and my throat is not red now.” And “I always used to have injections in my throat, and my throat was extra red inside.” In other words, patting and pulling replaced the antibiotics and expelled the toxicity that had accumulated in the body from the previous antibiotics.

At this point, it was found that the most important disease that she healed first and foremost after the pat-down was heart disease because it was a decisive factor in improving her immune system. It is because the “heart has been bad, always short of breath and weakness in the chest” that also led to a series of complications: pharyngitis, gastritis, cholecystitis, fatty liver, cervical spondylosis, and dysmenorrhea.

In other words, because the heart meridian and pericardium meridian are not working, resulting in the lung meridian and other meridians are blocked, so the whole body is more difficult to feel, only gradually forming a depression.

In addition to the improvements mentioned above, the result of patting and pulling is that “my mood is much better and my cervical spine is much better. But people are inert, and when they get better, they stop shooting.”

What does this mean? Heart disease again! Because the old pattern of thought has come out again, that is: wait for the disease, until they intensify, the sudden attack, and then shoot pull. So I can only say again, that it is not the body that is really sick, but the mind, the body can only be directed by the mind, it is just a tool. If the body is commanded by the mind, it is just a tool.

If the mind remains the same after the disease is cured, the disease will come back sooner or later, because the old mind will continue to create disease.


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