Master of Chinese Medicine: He Puren

He Puren is the instructor of the succession of academic experience of the national old Chinese medicine experts, the “Capital National Medical Master”, and the representative inheritor of the national intangible cultural heritage traditional medicine project.

He Puren
He Puren

He Puren, male, Han nationality, born in May 1926, is a chief physician and professor of Beijing Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine affiliated to Capital Medical University, and has been practicing Chinese medicine since 1948. He is the representative inheritor of the national intangible cultural heritage traditional medicine program.

He is known as the “World’s First Needle” for his outstanding therapeutic effects, based on the theory of the three passages, rapid and painless acupuncture techniques, fire acupuncture techniques, and the integration of kung fu and qigong into acupuncture.

He has given sight to blind children, restored normal life to schizophrenic patients, and enabled Parkinson’s disease patients to get up and travel ……

He expanded the application of the nearly lost fire acupuncture therapy, expanding the types of diseases treated by acupuncture to include internal and external gynecology, pediatrics and dermatology, and specializing in the treatment of difficult and miscellaneous diseases.

In the field of acupuncture, He Puren of Beijing Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine is widely praised and respected by his peers for his comprehensive San Tong theory, unique rapid and painless acupuncture technique, skillful fire needle technique, and the integration of esoteric kung fu, qigong and acupuncture into a single furnace, resulting in outstanding curative effects, and is known as “the world’s first needle”.

In the early summer of 1984, Guo Guixin felt a burning pain around her left breast, and the whole area around her breast turned black and purple, and collapsed and flowed with pus, which smelled bad. Her family took her from Hengshui, Hebei Province to Beijing to see a doctor.

When the 26-year-old military wife heard the diagnosis of malignant tumor in a famous hospital and the need for surgery to remove her left breast, she was so anxious and scared that she sat on the floor and cried. She later found He Puren, who tried to use fire needles once a week.

After one treatment, Guo Guixin’s pain in the affected area was reduced and the discharge was also reduced. After a few more sessions, the lump disappeared. Guo Guixin is just a microcosm of the many cases He Puren has cured.

He has not only perfected a set of unique acupuncture theoretical system, in modern times, the application of fire acupuncture basically started from He Puren, because of this, he has expanded the types of diseases treated by acupuncture from the traditional headache, facial paralysis, post-stroke, arthritis to various diseases such as internal and external gynecology and pediatric dermatology, and specializes in the treatment of breast cancer, Parkinson’s disease, pediatric dementia and other difficult diseases. He is a master of acupuncture and moxibustion who has both practical and theoretical systems.

Success: Jade becomes a tool only when it is carved

When he was young, he had the idea of publishing a set of “Acupuncture Treasures”.

In order to practice Bagua Palm, he rushed to his master’s place every day at dawn to practice, and came back 2 hours later to serve the clinic, rain or shine, and entered another realm after years of persistence.

No matter he did his studies or practiced kung fu, he built a solid foundation by hard work and practice.

At the age of 14, He Puren was introduced by his friends and relatives to study under Niu Zehua, the most famous acupuncturist in Beijing at that time. He Puren, who came from an average family, cherished the opportunity to learn. At that time, there was no ready time to learn as an apprentice, and learning all depended on his own attention.

He lived and ate in his master’s house, and did all the work, chopping wood, making fires, cooking, emptying spit buckets, serving the master’s family, and helping to prepare the needles, and he was busy every day. As soon as he saw the teacher was free, he rushed to find an opportunity to ask questions, and when he was free, he immediately took notes, paying attention to the master’s needling techniques, angles, selected acupuncture points, stimulation intensity, duration, and so on. At night, when it was late, he would read and memorize the book.

He Puren recalls that he repeatedly recited the four classics day and night in order to imprint them in his mind, and he knew the meridians and acupoints by heart. He had read a lot of ancient books, and when he was young, he had the idea of publishing a set of “Acupuncture and Moxibustion Treasury”.

He admonished his students that it is not enough to read a textbook, “Acupuncture and Moxibustion” or “Acupuncture and Moxibustion”, but to read, analyze and study them extensively to extract the essence.

He was highly valued by his master, and he was able to get the best out of it. In 1947, he ranked among the best in the examinations for medical practitioners and became famous at the age of 33, when he became the director of the acupuncture department of Beijing Chinese Medicine Hospital. What is particularly rare is that after he became old, had a family, and became a celebrity, He Puren still insisted on practicing Kung Fu and reading and writing late into the night.

He not only practiced acupuncture, but also kung fu. When apprentice He Puren and senior brother each other to tie needles, experience needle sense, found that the kung fu practitioner finger force force, into the needle does not hurt, needle sense strong, he was determined to practice Bagua boxing, etc..

He was introduced by Zhang Jinchen and met Mr. Cao Zhongsheng, the third generation of Yin’s bagua palm master, and in order to practice bagua palm, he rushed to his master’s place every day at dawn to practice, and came back 2 hours later to attend the clinic, rain or shine.

He not only practiced Bagua Palm, but also practiced Jing Gong, meditation, stance every day, at first practiced back pain, really hard practice general, but gritted his teeth to persevere, then enter another realm.

Ten years of hard practice of gongfu made his finger strength and wrist strength very strong, which laid the foundation for his future fast and painless needle method.

He Puren also specializes in practicing needling techniques, practicing needles first to practice qi, so that qi reaches the fingers, the effectiveness of treatment all depends on the technique and power, and the main power lies in the thumb, index finger and wrist power. Therefore, He Puren through the two-finger meditation, top finger method, pinch wood cone, twisting method and other moves practice, formed their own unique, therapeutic effect of the needle acupuncture techniques.

Theory: Many diseases and qi stagnation, the method of three passages

“He’s Three Passage Method” is an acupuncture idea proposed by He Puren after more than 50 years of clinical practice, which is his great contribution to the acupuncture field and has far-reaching influence.

After He’s Three Passage Method treatment, those who can’t call their parents can talk; those who eat and drink foolishly can have restraint; those who lose control of urination and defecation can have regularity; those who are restless can be quiet ……

The three passages are the micro-passage method (acupuncture with ordinary milli-needles), the warm-passage method (using fire needles or moxibustion) and the strong-passage method (bleeding with trigeminal needles). He Puren especially advocated the warm-through method.

In 1958, there were many patients who came to He Puren for treatment. For some patients with complicated conditions, when they could not be cured, they said, “Let Director He take a look, and let He Puren solve these difficult diseases.

He Puren noticed the addition of the nearly lost fire acupuncture, and improved the fire acupuncture apparatus, and finally gradually formed a systematic theory and method of San Tong. Many difficult diseases were solved and the results were very fast.

An Air Force retired lip cancer patient was diagnosed at the Air Force General Hospital and had to have surgery to remove the cancer, including most of the muscles on his face, which not only seriously affected his beauty, but also affected his eating. He Puren fire-acupuncture milli-needle was applied in cooperation, and after two dozen times, the swelling on the lip disappeared, and no more cancer cells were found in the subsequent pathological examination.

He Puren treats children with mental retardation, which is a difficult disease to treat. He treats children with congenital deficiencies, using Baihui, Xin Yu and Mute Gate as the basic acupuncture points, and has treated thousands of cases. A little Japanese girl named Branzawa Caiko, who was like a “wooden person” and did not understand anything, was able to greet people and say goodbye to guests after two months of treatment by He Puren.

There are many more children who have been cured and improved by He Puren. Those who could not call their parents could do so now. Those who eat and drink foolishly, have moderation; those who have lost control of their bowels, have regularity; those who are restless, can control themselves and quiet down ……

Clinical: Fire needles are not generally effective

Most of the diseases that entangle the hands, fire needles repeatedly show miraculous results. According to He Puren, fire acupuncture is effective because it enhances the body’s positive energy, especially Yang energy, which cannot be replaced by milli-needles that generally unblock qi and blood and open the meridians.

With the skillful use of fire needling and the Three Passage Method, He Puren has expanded the scope of treatment to include internal and external gynecology, pediatrics and dermatology, all of which are very effective.

The contemporary use of fire needling basically began with He Puren. He Puren believes that the efficacy of fire needling is not generally good, it has a rapid effect in treating diseases, and its effect cannot be replaced by milli-needle, so it should be vigorously promoted and used. Like migraine, milli-needle zapping dozens of times, 100 times not good cases, but the use of fire needles will be better than once, a dozen times on the basic well.

Facial nerve spasm, zap and zap, zap all over but not good, but with the fire needle a few times to solve the problem. He Puren jokingly said, most of the tangled hands of the disease, a hundred ineffective disease, the use of fire needling will give the doctor’s face.

Fire needle method is 0.5 mm thick high-temperature resistant steel needles on the alcohol lamp burn, to red, aimed at acupuncture points, fast in and fast out, do not leave the needle, the whole time no more than 0.5 seconds, the needle prick the patient’s skin appears a small white spot, feel a little pain.
Fire acupuncture is a unique medical method in acupuncture, which has a history of thousands of years. It was once used mainly for the treatment of paralysis, cold, and tendon diseases in the era of the Yellow Emperor’s Classic of Internal Medicine. Although there have been developments from generation to generation, but has not been widely used, especially in the Qing Dynasty, the Daoguang emperor thought that acupuncture therapy treatment naked, very indecent, they ordered the abolition of acupuncture therapy in the Imperial Hospital, acupuncture doctors out of the Imperial Hospital. Fire acupuncture was once scattered among the people and almost lost.

He Puren collected ancient literature, explored the clinical application, and improved the needles. This is He Puren’s unique insight.

It is the skillful use of fire needles and the comprehensive San Tong method that has enabled He Puren to expand the scope of treatment to include internal and external gynecology, pediatrics and dermatology, all with excellent results, especially stroke, tremors and spasms, women’s vulvar leukoplakia, various pains and difficult and miscellaneous diseases.

Style: Integration of kung fu qigong in Chinese medicine

The combination of qigong and kung fu acupuncture can be more effective and quicker than ordinary acupuncture.

He Puren only uses his right hand to enter the needle, holding the needle handle, some distance from the acupuncture point, quickly into the needle, a stab into place, there is a little taste of shooting in. This is his best trick.

He Puren has a deep background in kung fu and qigong, and organically combines the medical arts with the principles of Bagua Palm, boxing and internal energy.

He Puren pointed out that Bagua and acupuncture are related, and the practice of Bagua palm is particularly helpful for those engaged in acupuncture. Doctors who have been practicing Bagua palm for many years will feel that the internal energy is sufficient, when the needle has a huge energy, through the silver needle directly to the patient’s foci, the treatment is very good.

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