Master of Traditional Chinese Medicine: Deng Tietao

Deng Tietao, male, Han nationality, born in November 1916, is a chief physician and professor at Guangzhou University of Traditional Chinese Medicine. He has been practicing Chinese medicine since September 1938 and is the instructor of the inheritance work of the national old Chinese medicine experts, the famous old Chinese medicine doctor of Guangdong Province, and the representative inheritor of the national intangible cultural heritage traditional medicine project.

He has repeatedly achieved good results in treating myasthenia gravis

He emphasized the spleen and stomach and proposed the doctrine of the five related organs

He shines his sword at every critical moment of the development of Chinese medicine

Deng Tietao, sitting in front of him, has a head full of silver hair, a rosy complexion, and extraordinary temperament. This amazing figure in Chinese medicine, although ninety years old, has a straight back, a gleaming gaze, and a quick way of thinking, and his name has a divine resemblance.

In 1937, 20-year-old Deng Tietao graduated from the Guangdong School of Traditional Chinese Medicine, to this day, after half a century of wind and rain, interpretation of this old man with a steel-like will of Chinese power. God’s hand to reel in the wild waves, countless dying lives were awakened by him, and thousands of students were inspired by his spirit and medical skills, to join the national medicine business ……

Shouting for Chinese medicine in all directions

For more than half a century, he has experienced the ups and downs of the cause of Chinese medicine. All along, Deng Tietao has always considered “where is the way out of Chinese medicine” such a big problem, has been for the inheritance and development of Chinese medicine, soul is broken dream system, running around shouting.

Talking about the current problems of the Chinese medical profession, Deng Tietao said that the problem can be seen in the change in the number of Chinese medicine practitioners after liberation. At the beginning of the founding of the country, the number of TCM doctors was 1.57 million, and recently the Ministry of Health counted 270,000 TCM doctors, which means that despite the expansion of the population, TCM doctors are rapidly shrinking. TCM has been struggling to move forward for a long period of its history.

In the 1980s, some people did not attach importance to TCM, and there was a trend in the country to promote foreign medicine, and to attach importance to imported medicines, even proprietary Chinese medicines made in Japan. Chinese medicine has experienced setbacks, survival is difficult, and the development of more can not be said.

Deng Tietao has been struggling with the trend of shrinking Chinese medicine. Seeing the cause of Chinese medicine declining, Deng Tietao feel very sad, and very anxious inside, he often tossed and turned, sleepless nights. Deng Tietao secretly resolved to do his best to fight the trend of shrinking Chinese medicine in his lifetime, so that Chinese medicine to flourish.

Finally, the opportunity has come. In the 1980s, Deng Tietao has been for the central leading comrades to see the doctor, and with them to establish a deep friendship. In the process of seeing patients, he spoke about the efficacy, the leaders were convinced again and again by the miraculous efficacy of Chinese medicine, Deng Tietao also used a close relationship with the central leadership at the same time, in the critical moment of life and death of Chinese medicine, for the revitalization of Chinese medicine, rise to speak. 1985, Deng Tietao for the first time in the name of ordinary Communist Party members, wrote to the central leadership Marshal Xu Qianqian.

Marshal Xu has heart disease, and has been looking for Deng Tietao to see. 1985, Marshal Xu came to Guangdong for the winter, he day ate watermelon, the night will have diarrhea, and then a cold, and fever. By experience, Xu Shuai each fever to 20 days to recede, the entourage has long been used to, did not intend to find Deng Tietao. Looking at Xu Shuai uncomfortable look, Xu Shuai’s wife proposed to find Deng Tietao try. Deng Tietao for Xu Shuai serious pulse said, Xu Shuai ate watermelon in the stomach and intestines by cold, so to drive him cold treatment diarrhea, and also give some warm medicine to relieve the table. On the second day after taking the medicine, the fever subsided slightly, and then switched to the heat-clearing method, resulting in the fever subsiding in one day. Fever receded, and is only 1 day to recede normally lasts more than 20 days of heat, Xu Shuai comfortable, and relaxed a lot, and he and his wife are very grateful to Deng Tietao, Xu Shuai accompanying doctors (studying Western medicine) also feel Deng Tietao is very impressive.

At this time, Deng Tietao sincerely to Xu Shuai expressed the wish to let Chinese medicine flourish. Xu Shuai was impressed, and immediately promised to reflect the situation to the central government. Deng Tietao was very excited, and immediately after returning home, wrote a letter to Xu Shuai sincere, to revitalize Chinese medicine, “Chinese medicine after the Opium War, subject to discrimination and devastation, but still looming independent, and modern medicine. After liberation, influenced by the transformation of Chinese medicine ideology, Chinese medicine has not received attention for quite a long time, there is a lack of successors, a lack of art situation. If we don’t make efforts to rescue Chinese medicine, it will be too late to discover the old Chinese medicine practitioners when they are all old now. The development of traditional medicine has been expressly written into the Constitution, but we have lost too much time and must take decisive measures to bring about its early revival.” This letter, first Xu Shuai approved, then Hu Yaobang, Qiao Shi also made instructions, to the Minister of Health Cui Yue Li approved, only took 7 days.

In December 1986, the State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine was officially established, and Chinese medicine finally had its own home. Since then, the development of TCM has accelerated.

In 1990, the country carried out institutional reform, Deng Tietao heard that the Chinese Medicine Administration to be streamlined, he immediately led China’s famous old Chinese doctors around the Central Committee again, which is the famous “eight old petition” in the Chinese medicine industry “(Deng Tietao, Fang Yazhong, He Ren, Lu Zhizheng, Jiao Shude, Zhang Qi, Bu Yuru, Ren Jixue).

They proposed that the State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine should not be abolished, its terms of reference and funding should not be reduced, and they also suggested that each province should set up an administration of traditional Chinese medicine. The State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine was retained.

The third time when the petition was just “eight old” in Guangzhou to teach apprentices. Deng Tietao found that the central government’s general policy to “grasp the big and let go of the small”, and there are many Chinese hospitals ready to merge into general hospitals, Chinese medicine schools to merge with Western medical schools. The “eight old” and anxious, so a joint petition to Premier Zhu Rongji, proposed to Chinese medicine, Western medicine can not be grasped big and small, Western medicine is strong, Chinese medicine is young, you grasp big and small, Chinese medicine will not survive. As a result, Premier Zhu Mingji approved the original six Chinese medical schools want to merge, and the results only two merged into the Western medical schools.

During the SARS epidemic, Deng Tietao made his fourth petition. Subsequently, Wu Yi held a symposium on Chinese medicine on May 8 of that year, emphasizing that Chinese medicine had a way to prevent and treat SARS, and then Chinese medicine was involved in the prevention and treatment of SARS.

Deng Tietao will personal fate and the fate of China’s Chinese medicine career were closely linked, in his old age, he wrote his day and night thinking about Chinese medicine into a paper “the future of Chinese medicine”, put forward the direction of the cause of Chinese medicine in the 1980s, Chinese medicine to where the development of thought-provoking issues. Deng Tietao believes that one is to seek advice from history, the second the fundamental factor of the development of things is the “internal factors”, the rise and fall of Chinese medicine will depend on modern Chinese medicine, if the goal is the same, unity and cooperation, the revitalization of Chinese medicine after hard work is possible to do.

Life cannot be abandoned

As a doctor, he has a heart of love and care. Over the years, he has not only done his best to relieve the physical pain of his patients with his excellent medical skills but has also done his best to help them recover spiritually and financially as soon as possible. He said, “Every life is precious, and we cannot give up lightly.”

Myasthenia gravis treatment is still a worldwide problem. It is a high-risk disease, and myasthenia gravis crisis can occur many times, and it is easy to save once, but difficult to save the second or third time.

For the myasthenia gravis crisis, Deng Tietao has participated in hundreds of rescues. 2003 April, Hunan Anxiang’s 12-year-old boy Lin Lin suffered from myasthenia gravis, in a large hospital on the ventilator and was told that the treatment was ineffective. Heard that Deng Tietao is good at treating this disease, Lin Lin’s parents will sell their property, and raise only 10,000 yuan to find the first affiliated hospital of Guangzhou University of Traditional Chinese Medicine. After 5 days of treatment, although the condition has improved, but 10,000 yuan has been exhausted. On April 17, the desperate parents rushed into the ICU, unplugged the ventilator cannula and oxygen tube from Lin Lin’s body, squeezed the child’s thin, cold hands, watched him open his eyes with difficulty, and then helplessly prepared to leave. After hearing the news, Deng Tietao, who was 87 years old at the time, rushed to the ICU ward on the 12th floor for the first time, and entered the monitoring room when Lin Lin was dying, with his mouth open and struggling to breathe, his breath would stop. Deng Tietao turn over the bedding, found the child as thin as wood, and can not help but be anxious and heartbroken: “children thin like this, rely on drugs alone which can work?” After saying that, the old man immediately took out the 5,000 yuan brought on his body, and instructed the ICU nursing director: “quickly to the nutrition room to buy nasal food, to ensure that the daily energy requirements, there is stomach gas to have life.” He also said to the ICU director: “re on the ventilator, the cost I first pad.” Deng Tietao for Lin Lin free of charge to provide Chinese medicine “strong muscle strength oral liquid” nasal feeding, but also repeatedly instructed the medical staff to strengthen care, to Lin Lin sputum removal, turning and patting the back, clean mouth, appropriate increase the amount of diet and so on.

The child is finally saved, April 21, Deng Tietao again to the bedside of the child. The child saw a kind-eyed old man, and the nurse told him, “This is your life-saving benefactor, Grandpa Deng”. The child’s eyes moistened, intubated trachea can not speak, gestured to the nurse to get a pen and paper, crooked wrote a few words: “Grandpa Deng, why do you want to save me?” Deng Tietao was asked at once, “to learn from Lei Feng, hope you grow up to serve the motherland.” The old man’s words are simple and concise, the child comprehended. 28 April, the child Xiao Lin out of the ventilator. The child’s parents also came back, as soon as they saw Deng Tietao, both kneeling, Deng Tietao hold up the child’s parents to give comfort. May 6, tracheotomy sealed; May 12, transferred to the general ward; May 19 the child can swallow their food; May 23 removed the gastric tube, finally lifted the pain of nasal food, the child eats and drink enough, at this time the weight has increased to 21 kg, can walk activities.

Deng Tietao the rescue the child at the same time, but also asked Ms. Fang in Hong Kong to help pay 20,000 yuan. On June 9, 2003, Xiao Lin was discharged from the hospital and returned home to Hunan with his parents, and the news that Guangzhou’s famous doctor had cured Xiao Lin was a local sensation.

shanghai a Mr. Dai, tracheotomy rely on a ventilator to maintain life, get Deng Tietao sent to the prescription and saved, “Wen Wei Po” reporter with “eight consecutive months to send prescriptions, love flew over thousands of mountains, Shanghai patients fortunate to meet Guangzhou Hua Tuo” reported this fact. 2009 January 15, Guangzhou University of Traditional Chinese Medicine First Affiliated Hospital received a letter of thanks from a cadre of Gansu Province Department of Science and Technology: “I have been sick for many years, since the end of 2004, the situation is getting worse and worse, early 2006, I feel that I can not …… more than two years, after Professor Deng Tietao continuous treatment, the disease is like pulling silk like peeling away, so far I have from lying are Breathing difficulty, become able to go outdoors to walk around and take care of themselves, for a nearly dead and come back to life for me, the virtue of rebuilding life-saving grace gratitude is unable to express in words.”

Treatment of disease pay attention to the spleen and stomach

Deng Tietao’s treatment, is knowledgeable without losing its essence, real without losing it’s high, near without losing its far. He both attaches importance to theory and clinical efforts, he treats from the spleen and stomach, challenges severe myasthenia gravis, benefits qi and removes phlegm to treat coronary heart disease, and proposes the doctrine of correlation of five organs.

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