Master of Traditional Chinese Medicine: Li Jiren

Li Jiren, is the national old Chinese medicine expert with academic experience succession work instructor, Anhui Province famous old Chinese medicine doctor.

Li Jiren, male, Han nationality, born in January 1931, chief physician and professor of Yiji Mountain Hospital affiliated with Wanan Medical College, has been practicing Chinese medicine since November 1948 and is the instructor of the successful work of the national old Chinese medicine experts’ academic experience and famous old Chinese medicine doctor of Anhui Province.

Li Jiren: the founder of Xin’an medical research

He led his students to restore the original appearance of 668 Xin’an physicians and over 400 Xin’an medical books

He proposed a series of doctrines such as the “Unified Theory of Impotence”, developed four methods for identifying and treating persistent paralysis, and created effective prescriptions.

He broke through the rules of family medicine and developed a team of doctors.

Since ancient times, famous doctors come from the south of the Yangtze River. The only National Medical Master in Anhui Province is not from the provincial capital or from a Chinese medicine hospital, but from the Department of Traditional Chinese Medicine at the Yiji Mountain Hospital of Wan Nan Medical College, which is located in a remote area.

Li Jiren, as his name suggests, focused on establishing virtue and helped people and the world with his benevolence and kindness. He advocated establishing merit and advocated a series of doctrines such as “the unified theory of impotence” and led the direction of academic development in medical teaching and research, becoming the founder of Xin’an medical research. He is also the founder of Xin’an medical research. He has been leading his family and even a team of doctors to write and develop Xin’an medicine.

Aspirations for excellence and benevolence for the world

From village doctors to national famous old Chinese medicine doctor

Yan Fengying, a famous Huangmei opera actress, suffered from stubborn insomnia for more than one year. After three consultations, Yan Fengying was all right and never used sleeping pills again.

In the cold winter of 1931, Li Rongzhu, a poor gomer in Feng Yi Village, Qiaoting Mountain, She County, Huizhou, was blessed with a son named Li Yuanshan. Decades later, Li Yuanshan became the heir of Xin’an medicine from a village doctor and became a national famous old Chinese medicine doctor and national medical master.

At the age of 7, Li Yuanshan began to learn the Four Books and Five Classics. In 1943, he followed the ancient motto of “the world’s most variable is a disease; the world most refined is medicine” and studied medicine with Wang Runsheng, a famous local doctor, and after 3 years of hard work, he wanted to find someone with a higher reputation to learn the art and go further.

“Dingtan to have a car head temple, midnight call door a post to pass.” At night in the mountain village, it was dark, and the scene of villagers carrying lanterns to Dingtan to beg Zhang Gengui for medical treatment left a deep impression on the young Li Yuanshan. Zhang Gengui is the thirteenth generation heir of “Zhang Yitiao”, a Shin’an world doctor. Li Yuanshan heart idea is, “not when the doctor is not, then when it is such a famous doctor.” So he proposed himself to Zhang Gengui as his teacher, and changed his name to Li Jiren, meaning “benevolent heart to help the world”, to show his ambition and determination.

From 1949 onward, Li Jiren practiced medicine in Xiaochuan, She County. After liberation, he was twice selected to study in the teacher training class of Anhui TCM Training School (predecessor of Anhui TCM College), and also participated in the preparatory work of Anhui TCM College and its affiliated hospitals, and served as the head of the Nei Jing teaching and research group and the director of the large basic teaching and research department. He then worked in She County People’s Hospital, Anhui College of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Anhui Medical University Hospital, and Wan Nan Medical College.

Over the years, Li Jiren, who is sensitive and studious, has accumulated a lot of clinical experience while mastering the complex and profound knowledge of Chinese medicine and has been able to sink a number of difficult and complicated diseases.

As early as 1965, the famous Huangmei opera actress Yan Fengying suffered from stubborn insomnia for more than a year, and repeatedly took imported high-efficiency sleeping pills to no avail. Li Jiren recalls, that at that time Yan Fengying eyes were around the blue and black sunken, dizzy and irritable, waist and knees sore. Li Jiren analyzed that the insomnia was prolonged and all treatments should not be applied, so the treatment should be based on the liver, mainly nourishing liver yin and supplemented by calming the mind. So he prescribed a formula to calm the liver and benefit the kidney and regulate both yin and yang. After taking 7 doses, the patient was able to sleep for 4 hours. Li Jiren followed time medicine and instructed the patient to take one dose in the afternoon and one in the evening before going to bed for the medicine to work better. After three consultations, everything was normal for the patient, and he never used sleeping pills again.

In the summer of 1981, 53-year-old Huang had a high fever of 41°C after surgery, resulting in headaches and confusion. Doctors used ice packs and antibiotics to reduce the fever, but all were ineffective. At midnight, the dean sent for Li Jiren to consult. Li Jiren believed that the patient’s fever was caused by heat and summer, and prescribed prescriptions to relieve the heat and aromatize dampness, such as Elsholtzia drink and Bai Hu Tang. Soon after taking them, the patient’s fever subsided.

As his reputation spread far and wide and his treatment was so effective, many people came from all over China, Malaysia, Singapore, Europe and the United States, and other countries and regions. Li Jiren has also won a series of honors such as the first batch of famous old Chinese medicine academic experience successor instructor, the first batch of the State Council government special allowance recipient.
Apricot Grove Couple

From disciple, son-in-law to “Zhang Yi post” heir

Husband and wife inherited the “Zhang Yitai” family tradition together, transferred to work in Wan Nan Medical College successively, and were selected as “China’s top 100 TCM clinicians for 100 years”. Over the past decades, the two of them have achieved fruitful results in the theoretical and clinical research of Chinese medicine.

Dingman’s “Zhang Yitiao” has a long history of more than 450 years, passing 15 generations, and is known as the first Xin’an medicine. Zhang Yitai’s distant ancestors can be traced back to Zhang Guang, a famous doctor in the Northern Song Dynasty, and Zhang Gao, the descendant of Zhang Guang, is the author of the earliest extant medical history work “Medical Talk”. Zhang also authored the book “Medical flow theory”, “Typhoid fever thorough important”, “secret formula mysterious purpose”, etc., which has far-reaching influence.

As time passed, the world’s medicine was passed on to Zhang Shouren in the Ming Dynasty during the Jiajing period. Because of his excellent medical skills, often a one-dose He is benevolent-based, treating patients regardless of poverty can be treated with care. Especially in the winter and spring epidemic season, are drugs boiled and placed in the tea, day and night free supply, villagers and passers-by so benefit.

In the old society, the family technology is passed on to the son but not to the daughter. Zhang Gengui perfected the ancestral “last medicine” and created different methods of addition and subtraction for the four seasons of spring, summer, autumn, and winter, further improving the efficacy of the treatment, which is characterized by “stable, accurate, and hard”, accurate identification, precise use of medicine, heavy dose, often one or two doses of the disease will be revived. Mr. Wu Chengshi, a master of national studies, visited all the famous doctors in Beijing for his chronic illness, but after he returned to his hometown She County, he was cured by Zhang Gengui’s treatment. However, Zhang Gengui’s only son died young, and his second daughter, Zhang Sunhua, became determined to study medicine. She learned diligently, personally go to the mountains to collect medicine, medicine tasting, with the sincerity of filial piety moved the father, after many years to learn the family tradition, became known far and wide as “female Zhang a post”.

As a disciple, Li Jiren chants night and day, diligent practice, and little sister Zhang Sunhua together with the teacher copies prescriptions, and rounds, with the collection of drugs, and pharmaceuticals. Zhang Gengui saw it in his eyes, happy in his heart. Li Jiren is intelligent, honest, and competent, and has a good way to deal with difficult cases, which impresses his teacher and is particularly appreciated. Soon his daughter will be betrothed to him, at the same time, the family study also passed on to him, and Zhang Sunhua with “Zhang a post” of the 14th generation of the heir. Presumably, there was also a gentleman’s agreement that the future first son of Li Jiren would take his mother’s surname, Zhang.

After liberation, Li Jiren and his wife have been transferred to the work of the Wanan Medical College, the husband and wife not only in the medical inheritance of “Zhang a post”, but also continue the tradition of “Zhang a post” to send medicine. For decades, no matter how busy they were, they would regularly return to their hometown every year to give medicine to the villagers. Since the 1980s, Mr. and Mrs. Li Jiren have provided “free consultation services” for more than 10,000 patients at home and abroad.

Unique Innovation, Learning, and Literature

From traditional medicine to modern scientific research

He focused on the integration of Xin’an medical academic thought and the theory and treatment methods of the Nei Jing, and realized them from clinical practice, establishing new doctrines, new methods, and new prescriptions; he proposed the “Unified Theory of Impotence”, formulated four methods to identify and treat persistent paralysis, and created the “Guei Xiong Ginseng Astragalus Formula”.

In the past, the best evaluation of the western hospital in China was “Concord in the north and Yiji in the south”. Yiji Mountain Hospital of Wanan Medical College, where Li Jiren is located, was founded by the American Christian Church in 1888 and has been in existence for more than 120 years. Chiang Kai-shek and Sun Ke have visited the hospital, and famous doctors such as Wu Shaoqing, Shen Kefei and Chen Cuizhen have served there. In such a prestigious Western hospital to engage in Chinese medicine, the pressure can be imagined.

“Western medicine published a book, Chinese medicine also published a book, Western medicine engaged in scientific research, Chinese medicine as well as scientific research.” Li Jiren, with his unconquerable character, diligently sought and strived to build new sayings, establish new methods and research new prescriptions. Among the “Four Pillars” and “Four Famous Teachers” of Wanan Medical College and Yiji Mountain Hospital, Li Jiren is listed among them.

Li Jiren has been practicing medicine for more than 60 years, and in the treatment of external diseases and emergencies, he inherited the “Zhang Yitiao” method, and based on the premise of accurate certification, he uses fierce medicine, selects special medicine and heavy dose, which often works with one dose. The idea of tonifying qi and blood and consolidating and cultivating the essence is put forward, attaching importance to cultivating the kidney essence and identifying the evidence with flexibility and change. For example, for progressive muscular dystrophy, Li Jiren systematically proposed the method of tonifying the kidney, strengthening the spleen and stomach, nourishing the blood and relaxing the tendons, which cured several cases.
Li Jiren, based on the basic features and rules of the Xin’an medical school in the treatment of paralysis and impotence, clinically emphasized both the identification and the treatment of the same disease of paralysis and impotence.

A 15-year-old Wang, with impotence and weakness of the limbs, walked like a duck and often fell down. He was diagnosed as “progressive muscular dystrophy” by a large hospital, and long-term use of hormones and vitamins was ineffective. The patient’s parents came to seek treatment. After examination, Li Jiren diagnosed it as impotence of liver and kidney deficiency. After taking the herbal medicine for a period of time, the patient’s limbs felt strong. Li Jiren adjusted the prescription several times in succession according to his condition, and instructed him to persist in exercising.

For difficult diseases, Li Jiren advocates the combination of identification of evidence and disease, and the integration of sutra prescriptions, seasonal prescriptions and experimental prescriptions in one furnace. He also created such effective prescriptions as “Goubenyi Kidney Tang” for the treatment of proteinuria in chronic nephritis, and “Bitter Ginseng and Eliminating Turbidity Tang” for the treatment of celiac disease.

Li Jiren has been working on the revision of Xin’an medical books, refining the characteristic rules of Xin’an medicine, leading his students to successfully restore 668 Xin’an doctors and more than 400 Xin’an medical books, and clarifying the experience and rules of Xin’an medicine in the treatment of acute, critical, difficult and serious diseases.

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