Misconceptions of acupuncture in Chinese medicine Four key points to know

Chinese medicine is a very important way to maintain health, but also through the methods of Chinese medicine to treat diseases, for the strengthen the body, Chinese medicine methods are still very good. The Chinese medicine acupuncture can have the effect of treating diseases, but some acupuncture misconceptions must be noted, so as not to fall into the misconceptions can not come out.

Myth 1: The more needles, the better

The more needles you have, the better it is. Many people believe that the more needles the better, and here, experts say that the number of needles is not linked to the effect, not the more needles the better the effect. If you don’t have the right acupuncture point, even if you have more needles, it’s useless.

Myth 2: You can’t wash your hair when sticking ear needles

Can you wash your hair when sticking ear needles? Experts say that you can wash your hair when sticking ear needles, but you should never talk about getting your ears wet. You can choose to wear ear muffs to wash your hair, ears to avoid water, and pay attention to the head is best not to get wet, and avoid the water.

Myth 3: Acupuncture can be infected

There are many misconceptions that acupuncture can cause infection, this is a wrong idea because the needles of acupuncture are very small, it leaves a relatively small trace, it will not have any impact on our normal life so that there will be no infection very serious situation, you can rest assured.

Myth 4: Acupuncture can be a one-time weight loss

Many people use acupuncture to lose weight and think that they can lose weight by doing acupuncture once, is this true? This is also a misconception, acupuncture can lose weight, but acupuncture weight loss requires a process, not a day or two to get the weight loss effect, which we should pay attention to.

Some of the misconceptions of acupuncture, the above are the common sense of the relevant content, if you are also choosing acupuncture health, this small common sense must pay attention to up, to avoid these incorrect methods will lead to some damage to the skin, for the health of the body is not good, so this small common sense should know.


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