Mugwort Tablets

Provenance: Discrimination of New Fake Drugs.

Pinyin: ài Piàn

Alias: Aeolus nervosa (Modern Practical Chinese Medicine), Aeolus powder, Aeolus tablets (Compilation of Medicinal Materials).

Mugwort Tablets
Mugwort Tablets

Origin: It is the processed product of the leaves of Aeolianthus, family Asteraceae. For the plant form, please refer to the article of Ailanthus.

Habitat distribution: Mainly produced in Guangdong, Guangxi, Guizhou and other places.

Properties: Translucent crystals, 5-15 mm in diameter, 2-3 mm thick. White. The smell is cool, the taste is pungent and strong. When burned, there is thick black smoke. Large, thin, white, crisp, fragrant is the best.

Concoction: From September to October, the leaves of mugwort are taken and heated in a steamer to make it sublimate, and the crystals obtained from sublimation are grayish-white powder, which is called mugwort powder. After pressing to remove the oil, refining into a block of crystals, and then chopped into granular or flaky, that is, moxa tablets.


  1. “Compilation of medicinal materials”: sweet, warm and flat, non-toxic.
  2. Guangxi Traditional Chinese Medicine Journal: Taste hard, warm, non-toxic.
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