Notes on acupuncture beauty

Acupuncture beauty principles

1. the use of needles

Beauty care, the application of needles should be gentle, the intensity of stimulation should be moderate, and should not be too forceful. Generally speaking, the needle should not stay too long, after the gas can be out of the needle, the depth of needling should also be appropriate for each person, the elderly and frail, the needle should not be too deep; obese people can be appropriate deep stab.

2. take points with points

Because the biggest feature of acupuncture beauty is in the whole body adjustment, therefore, must be combined with local and whole body acupuncture points, to have a better effect. Local acupuncture points can be used to improve circulation, promote epidermal cell metabolism to eliminate spots and blemishes, and enhance muscle elasticity, while whole-body acupuncture points focus on balancing the internal organs and regulating the function of various systems to achieve the purpose of beauty.

Single points and group points: clinically proven single points can be used, but also with several points for a group if to enhance a certain aspect of function, available single points, to highlight its utility; and conditioning the overall function of a group of points can be used to enhance the effect.

Proximal and distal points: proximal points, i.e., into the end of the acupuncture points, refers to the selection of the skin with the improvement of local to cosmetic acupuncture methods. Distal acupuncture is the method of selecting acupuncture points away from the facial area, not only to prevent and treat local diseases, but also to prevent and treat diseases of tissues, organs, and internal organs in the more distant parts involved in this meridian cycle, some of which even have effects on the whole body.

3. contraindications

Anyone who is too hungry, too full, drunk, angry, frightened, overworked, etc., should not be needled, and pregnant women should not be needled.

Points for wrinkle removal and wrinkle prevention

Main acupoints: Silkworm, Zanzhu, Sun, Gi, Yingxiang, Cheek car, Cataract.

Supporting points: Zhonggu, Hegu, Quchi, and Feosanli.

Acupuncture: 3 main points at a time, 1 – 2 supporting points at a time, with the former using the laxative method and the latter using the tonic method.

Note: This group of acupuncture point combinations is characterized by a combination of proximal and distal acupuncture points. In other words, from a local point of view, acupuncture points are taken in the vicinity of the wrinkles, and from the overall conditioning of the internal organs and qi points, Yangming meridian points are selected.

Four types of contraindicated groups of people for acupuncture

1. diabetic people: because of the high blood sugar of diabetic patients, once the wound is formed, even a small acupuncture needle eye, it is not easy to heal, if you do not pay attention to the needle mouth or control the diet, and may cause infection of the wound, needle mouth, so diabetic patients should not implement acupuncture.

2. people with coagulation disorders: for example, hemophilia, thrombocytopenic purpura, and other diseases, because these people have a long coagulation time, or it is difficult to clot, resulting in the needle mouth easily bleeding more than, so the coagulation disorder people are also not suitable for the implementation of acupuncture.

3. skin infections, ulcers, scarring, and tumor sites are not suitable for acupuncture.

4. people with leukemia are not suitable for acupuncture, etc.

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