Notes on acupuncture in summer

The summer solstice always inexplicably feels a lot of discomforts and going to the hospital to see a doctor always feels unnecessary for this, and do not want to take medicine for these reasons. Here I tell you the precautions for acupuncture in summer, hope it will help you!

Introduction to acupuncture

Acupuncture Acupuncture is a unique Chinese treatment for diseases. It is a kind of “internal disease external treatment” medical art. It is used to treat diseases of the whole body through the conduction of meridians and acupoints and the application of certain manipulation methods. In clinical practice, Chinese medicine diagnoses the cause of the disease, identifies the key to the disease, identifies the nature of the disease, determines which meridians and internal organs the lesion belongs to, identifies which type of disease it belongs to, and makes a diagnosis of epithelial, cold and heat, deficiency and reality. Then the corresponding prescription of acupuncture points is made and treatment is carried out. To open the meridians, regulate the qi and blood, bring the yin and yang into relative balance, and harmonize the functions of the internal organs, to achieve the purpose of disease prevention and treatment. Acupuncture therapy is part of the ancestral medical heritage and a unique national medical method in China. For thousands of years, it has made outstanding contributions to the protection of health and the reproduction of the nation, and it is still in charge of this task and trusted by the general public.

The traditional 24 solar terms “summer solstice” have passed, and for most of China, the day is the longest and the night is the shortest on the summer solstice. According to the theory of Chinese medicine, the summer solstice is also the time when the body’s yang energy is at its peak, so the summer solstice should be in line with the characteristics of the summer yang that is strong outside, pay attention to the protection of yang energy.

Notes on acupuncture in summer

Summer heat and dampness tend to invade the body

As the summer weather becomes hotter and hotter, people tend to lose their appetite and have low digestive and absorption functions, coupled with more rain and dampness, summer heat and dampness invade the human body, resulting in the dysfunction of the spleen’s transportation, resulting in poor qi flow. The summer solstice is full of Yang energy, the body’s Yang Qi floating over, at this time for chronic diseases with acupuncture, medicine, can better play its therapeutic role, can effectively help Yang dispel cold, and remove the root cause of winter diseases.

15 days after the summer solstice is suitable for seasonal acupuncture

Traditional Chinese medicine has long recognized the impact of seasonal changes on human health. The ancient people selectively acupuncture different acupuncture points according to the “heavenly seasons” to prevent diseases that occur at that time of the year, to maintain health, and prolong life. “seasonal acupuncture” has been handed down for thousands of years, and is a natural and effective method of disease prevention and elimination, fully reflecting the idea of “treating the untreated” in Chinese medicine.

The summer solstice acupuncture treatment is suitable within 15 days after the summer solstice. It can effectively improve the immunity of the human body and stimulate the meridian qi of the human body, to prevent and cure diseases by helping to dispel the evil, nourishing the spleen and stomach, and helping Yang to disperse cold.

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