Precautions for moxibustion

The healing effects of moxibustion are amazing. Moxibustion therapy has a wide range of indications and was the main treatment for diseases in ancient China. In the words of Chinese medicine, it has the effect of warming Yang and replenishing Qi, dispelling cold and relieving pain, replenishing deficiency and fixing loss, warming the meridians, eliminating stasis, and dispersing nodules, and tonifying the middle and benefiting Qi.

It can be widely used in internal medicine, surgery, gynecology, pediatrics, and diseases of the five senses, and is especially effective for mastitis, prostatitis, frozen shoulder, pelvic inflammatory disease, cervical spondylosis, and diabetes.

1. to concentrate on, patience and persistence: when applying moxibustion, pay attention to the concentration of thought, do not distract in the application of moxibustion, so as not to move the moxa, not in the acupuncture points, vainly hurt the flesh, wasting time. For health care moxibustion, it is necessary to adhere to long-term, occasional moxibustion can not receive the expected results.

2. to pay attention to the accuracy of the body position, acupuncture points: the body position on the one hand to suit the needs of moxibustion, while paying attention to the body position comfortable, natural, to find the right parts, acupuncture points according to the prescription to ensure the effectiveness of moxibustion.

The moxibustion is the most important part of the moxibustion process. After moxibustion with moxa, the ignited end of the moxa can be plugged into a bottle slightly larger than the diameter of the moxa to facilitate extinction.

4. To pay attention to warmth and heat: because the application of moxibustion to expose part of the body surface parts, in winter to keep warm, in the summer when the high temperature to prevent heatstroke, but also pay attention to the regulation of indoor temperature and open the ventilation fan, timely exchange of fresh air.

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