The health effects of tapping massage

Beat health is a method of health care by finger, palm, fist and other techniques through the stimulation of the relevant parts of the body, meridians and acupuncture points, so that the body produces a series of pathophysiological changes, so as to achieve the purpose of strengthening the body to get rid of disease. The lighter one is “pat” and the heavier one is “beat”.

Its health effects have the following points.

The health effects of tapping massage
The health effects of tapping massage

dredge the meridians, harmonize the qi and blood

Beat health method mainly along the meridian route beat, through the beat stimulates the activation of the meridian qi, qi and blood running in the meridian, so as to dredge the meridian, harmonize the qi and blood, regulate the body yin and yang, deficiency, to achieve the effect of disease prevention.

Smooth the joints and improve movement ability

While tapping on the meridians, the twelve tendons are also tapped and stimulated. Twelve meridians are the system of twelve meridian qi gathered in the body joints, is its peripheral part of the genus, follow the direction of travel from the end of the limbs to the head and body, travel on the surface of the body, not into the internal organs, gathered in the joint bones. Therefore, it can restrain the bones, smooth the joints and improve the body’s movement ability.

Improving immunity and health

The twelve dermis is the part of the body where the functions of the twelve meridians are reflected on the surface of the body and where the qi of the meridians is dispersed, and has the function of defending the body against external evil. Stimulating the twelve dermis by tapping can strengthen the body’s guard qi and improve immunity.

Eliminate fatigue and relieve spasm and analgesia

By tapping the meridians, the blood and Qi flow smoothly, the ancient saying “pain is not pass, pass is not pain”, so tapping the meridians has the effect of relieving spasm and pain.

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