What is the relationship between Tui Na and massage, are they the same thing?

In ancient times, Tui Na and massage were originally one and the same, but nowadays, with the different needs of people, there should be a more “subtle” distinction between them.

The word massage is found in the Yellow Emperor’s Classic of Internal Medicine, “the shape of the number of frightened, the meridians do not work, the disease is born in the unkind, treatment with massage mash medicine ……”. The word “massage” was first seen in the Ming dynasty doctor Wan Quan’s “Young Branch play”, later mentioned massage, commonly used “massage” instead of it. Nowadays, the market, often see the signboard of massage together with massage. Some people think that massage is different, but some people think that massage is the same thing. In the end, who is right and who is wrong?

What is the relationship between Tui Na and massage
What is the relationship between Tui Na and massage

The two are different due to different needs

What is the relationship between Tui Na and massage, but also to see with the times.

In ancient times, massage and massage were originally one, but now with the different needs of people, they should be more “detailed” distinction between them.

In reality, for the treatment of disease, people choose to go into the formal hospital, seeking professional physicians massage treatment; if the daily health care, people choose a variety of massage stores in the community, health care massage.

As time goes by, people tend to associate massage with professional doctors and hospitals, and massage with health care and workshops, etc. Therefore, according to today’s market segmentation and different places, the concepts of massage and massage are different from those in ancient times and cannot be equated.

And SPA is also different

Massage and SPA, because of the different sources, there are also differences.

Because massage originated in China, is a variety of techniques, meridians, acupuncture points as the main content. And it is said that the name of SPA comes from a small valley near Belgium called Spau, which is a hot temperature area rich in minerals, and the local residents often treat various diseases and pains by bathing in hot springs.

Until now, SPA and “spa” has an inseparable link between the SPA is more a combination of bathing, massage, anointing and aromatherapy to promote body metabolism, to meet the body’s sense of hearing, taste, touch, smell, vision, so that the body and mind.

When SPA this method of stress reduction was introduced into our country, naturally also absorbed the excellent massage techniques, but they are in various types of SPA places, more in a form of assistance.

Daily health care, no matter what way you choose, you also need to choose the regular institutions, places and professional operators to avoid bringing harm to the body.

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