Why acupuncture in Chinese medicine can cure diseases

The reason for this is that today’s research on the adjustment of human body functions is often limited to the role of nerve reflexes, biochemical reactions, and physical movements of biomolecules. After a long period of research on acupuncture treatment and mechanism, I found that the nerve impulses caused by acupuncture points can activate the potential functions of the human body and produce a strong regulatory effect on the functions of various systems and organs, tissues, mainly the nervous system, to prevent and treat various diseases and anti-aging. This is the fundamental function of acupuncture.

As we all know, people have many functions, our ancient Laozi said: that people have the functions of heaven and earth; Xunzi also said: that people can win the sky. Modern science has also confirmed that the human body does have many functions, but only 10% of them are dominant and often in the application, while 90% are potential and have not been activated and utilized.

How can the human body have so many functions? This is due to the long evolutionary process, human beings from the defense against aggression, seeking things and the continuation of life in the three major activities, through countless difficulties and hardships and the torture of disease, set up the environment and survival to produce certain capabilities, these acquired gradually evolved into innate with, some of these functions have been in the application, then become manifest; some functions have been inherited, but because of the changes in the environment and gradually do not apply, then the potential. then is potential.

All functions have a set of functional apparatus to exercise their role, which is an organic, close, and delicate combination in the human body, mainly including the central, internal organs, and the body’s three major parts. The functional apparatus of the human body harbors intricate sub-segmental involvement, so it can also be called the functional apparatus of the nerve segments.

In times of illness, pathological reflexes can be established in the center to communicate with many functional units to enhance measures to prevent and treat illness, which is also the result of the body’s evolutionary process of adapting to the environment to survive.

Research results show that acupuncture can activate the body’s potential functions and activate its functional apparatus by simply taking points on the meridians based on the information of “cutting the meridians” and then performing acupuncture based on the information of needle sensation, which can play a powerful adjustment role.

This not only improves the efficacy of treatment but also treats a large number of difficult and terminal diseases, such as male and female dysfunction, sterility and infertility, small testicles, infantile uterus, breast enlargement, hydrocephalus (or brain atrophy), vascular headache, neurological deafness, dwarfism, etc.

Therefore, the human functional apparatus is not only the local unit of human morphology and function but also the local unit of acupuncture “cutting the meridian” and acupuncture treatment, which is the mystery of meridian diagnosis and treatment.

All kinds of qigong therapy, massage therapy, psychotherapy and behavior therapy, etc., also activate the body’s various potential functions to cure diseases. Acupuncture activates potential functions much faster than the above-mentioned qigong and other therapies, with high efficacy, simplicity, no side effects, and minimal cost.

Therefore, it is worthwhile to study how to further activate the potential functions of the human body to prevent diseases and anti-aging in a safe, adequate and flexible way according to the actual clinical needs by using the method of acupuncture, or an improved method similar to acupuncture that is easily accepted by patients.

This principle has the potential to create a new medicine with Chinese characteristics for the benefit of mankind.

Seven precautions for acupuncture in Chinese medicine

1. Too fatigued, highly nervous, hungry people should not be acupuncture; old and frail people acupuncture should try to take a lying position, take the appropriate points less, the hand should be a light method.

2 . Pregnant women should not be too violent acupuncture, abdominal, lumbosacral and can cause uterine contraction points such as Hegu, Sanyinjiao, Kunlun, Yin, etc. prohibited acupuncture.

3. Children are not allowed to keep needles because they do not cooperate. Infants and children are forbidden to have acupuncture at fontanelle and Fengfu and Moot points.

4. Patients with bleeding disorders, or those who often have spontaneous bleeding and cannot easily stop bleeding after injury, should not be acupunctured.

5. skin infections, ulcers, scarring, and tumor sites are not acupuncture.

6. The eye area, chest and back, kidney area, neck, and abdomen of patients with gastric ulcer, intestinal adhesions, intestinal obstruction, and the pubic symphysis of patients with urinary retention should be controlled in terms of depth and angle when needling.

7. acupuncture for certain diseases does have an excellent curative effect, but not a panacea, especially in the treatment of some acute diseases, should be used according to the situation promptly, comprehensive treatment is more beneficial to patients, but also to give full play to the role of acupuncture.

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